There are thousands upon thousands of diet and fitness guides out there on the internet. Today’s fitness research is driven by numerous factors including weight loss, change in lifestyle, strength, aerobic endurance, and improved long-term health. Few programs are as well equipped to tackle all of these factors as CrossFit is. Among Personal Training regimens, CrossFit has come to the fore as a program designed for users of any fitness level who are seeking to live healthier, more complete lives.

Defined by its holistic approach to overall health, CrossFit has evolved from other training regimens to incorporate weight training, aerobic exercise, and calisthenics into a highly efficient exercise program. Strength training in the form of weight lifting is used in CrossFit to boost the metabolism while also improving the overall strength of key muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is key to improving cardiovascular endurance which allows for growth in other aspects of training. Body weight exercises help tie together aspects of strength training with cardio. Calisthenics are essential for not having isolated muscle groups that are strong independent of the rest of the body. These exercises help teach natural muscle coordination across different groups which is important for athleticism as well as injury prevention.

All of this may sound intimidating to someone new to fitness who is just walking into a session of CrossFit in Golden Colorado. CrossFit has a great community, however. The philosophy behind the program is geared towards enhanced physical fitness for anyone. It is not a gender specific training program. CrossFit is designed so that people at any stage of physical health can benefit from the program. The program does not just drop people in and leave them to their own devices, either. Coaches of CrossFit have training to help encourage, but also tailor their workouts to the abilities of the individual.

There are plenty of reasons to check out a Free CrossFit Class. The conditioning program is designed to stimulate the resting metabolic rate, which plays a huge role in Weight Loss. Those who are looking for a new program designed around dropping pounds may be interested to know that CrossFit is designed to increase calories burned over a longer period. In addition to losing weight CrossFit training will correct muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are often a cause of injury, especially for those who are returning to fitness after a long period of time. By approaching health with the whole body in mind CrossFit is able to help people transform their lifestyle for the better.